Things to remember when doing Cause and effect Assignment

A cause and effect’ is a great style when it comes to presenting ideas. It is an easy way to discuss and organize points, and it effectively points out the subject and the topic. Thus, it is usually worked on by students in their assignments. Learning how to write in this style will help you in presenting your ideas better.

Below are some points you need to consider as you start working on your Cause and Effect assignment.


Distinguishing the cause and the effect is the first point to know if you are to write in this method. The cause primarily pertains to the root or the basis. Simply put, it answers the question Why?’ On the other hand, the effect points to the fruit or the result of the cause. It is the answer to the question being asked, Why?’ Knowing which is the cause and the effect is important in discussing the ideas in a clear and structured manner.


Another thing to remember in your assignment is to develop your thesis statement. This can be done by clearly stating whether you are discussing causes, effects, or both. It would be ideal if you would include the terms cause’ and effect’ in a single sentence or at least in a single paragraph, to emphasize their relation with each other.


It is not enough to just state the cause’ and effect’ in your assignment. These statements require supporting details for them to be effective and powerful. There are many ways in which you can do this.

First, you can do it chronologically, meaning the details are arranged according to how the events occurred in terms of time. Another one is to do it according to the order of importance. In this method, the details are then arranged either from the least to the most valuable, or vice versa. Lastly, supporting details may be arranged categorically, which means that the points are divided into parts or categories.

Keep in mind that having detailed statements helps in building a stronger argument and statement for your cause and effect assignment.


Transitions are essential in terms of cause and effect presentations, as it connects the cause and effect. It is the key to mixing both the cause and the effect, forming a clear presentation of an idea. Thus, having a big knowledge of the transition words is a great advantage for you when writing a cause and effect assignment.

For causes, there are transition words like because, since, for, first, due to, on cause is, and the likes. For effects, on the other hand, transition words take the form of words like consequently, as a result of, thus, resulted in, one result is, therefore, and many more.

The style of cause and effect can be applied to almost every presentation of the idea. Following the above tips and practicing it through application in different circumstances will help in improving your skill in composing in a cause and effect style of writing.

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